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The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast

Can You Trust The Calories On The Label? How to Calculate Your Ideal Weight? My Best Fitness Analogies. Suspicious Documentaries......

In this episode of The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast, I answer questions from the listeners with my podcast producer, Tony.  We discuss topics like whether or not you can trust the listed calories on the label, how to know what your ideal weight is, and some of my favorite fitness analogies and cues. We also talk about our favorite comedians, the importance of publicized debate between experts, and why I think most documentaries should be taken with a grain of salt. Do you have any questions you want us to discuss on the podcast? Give Tony a follow and shoot him a DM on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tone_reverie/ 
I hope you enjoy this episode and, if you do, please leave a review on iTunes (huge thank you to everyone who has written one so far).
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The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast
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