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The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast

What to Do if A Loved One's Diet is Unhealthy or Dangerous? Do You Need to Count Macros? When to Use Lifting Straps? Strength Training for Teenage Athletes. Minimalist Shoes. And More...

The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast
The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast
In this episode of The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast, I answer questions from the listeners with my podcast producer, Tony.
We discuss what to do if you think a loved one's diet is unhealthy or potentially dangerous, what to do when grip strength is a limiting factor, how to program training for high school athletes in-season and off-season, and what the pros and cons are of wearing minimalist footwear.
We also talk about why I only recommend tracking protein, fiber, and calories, why I love carbs, and role models in the health and fitness space that I would want my daughter to follow when she gets older. Check out these amazing women in the health and fitness space!
Sohee Carpenter: https://www.instagram.com/soheefit/ Shona Vertue: https://www.instagram.com/shona_vertue/ 
Katie Crewe: https://www.instagram.com/katiecrewe/ 
Do you have any questions you want us to discuss on the podcast? Give Tony a follow and shoot him a DM on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tone_reverie/ .
I hope you enjoy this episode and, if you do, please leave a review on iTunes (huge thank you to everyone who has written one so far).
Finally, if you've been thinking about joining The Inner Circle but haven't yet... we have hundreds of home and bodyweight workouts for you and you can get them all here: https://www.sfinnercircle.com/
The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast
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