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The Journey On Podcast

Hollie Wildëthorn

The Journey On Podcast
The Journey On Podcast

Hollie Wildëthorn lives on the ancestral land of the Dhurga speaking people of the Walbunja Yuin nation in South Eastern Australia. Hollie is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Counsellor and Coach with a background in natural and ancestral health, witchcraft and magick, altered states and sacred space, martial arts and natural movement, Women's Mysteries and conscious Wild Living. Her mission is to support people who know life can be so much more; to craft the best self-version so far. She is ever-energised by the process of people becoming more empowered to live unlimited and unbound.

Hollie's Website: https://www.instituteforselfcrafting.com/
Instagram @hollie.wildethorn

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The Journey On Podcast
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