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The Journey On Podcast

Sue Pighini

The Journey On Podcast
The Journey On Podcast

Sue Pighini is a Transformation Life Coach with 25 years of experience, trained under David Gershon and Gail Straub. She has navigated a life marked by 32 moves, military connections, and diverse career roles, from corporate executive to hypnotherapist. Surviving a lightning strike, brain aneurysm, divorce, and cancer, she emerged as an award-winning author and motivational speaker specializing in guiding others toward positive change. Sue's spiritual journey led her to become a certified Intuitive Healer, and she discovered a profound connection with horses, incorporating them into therapy at Livin’ the Dream Ranch. Now based in Gainesville, FL, she focuses on speaking and writing, offering her horses to Heartsong Horses, Inc., contributing to therapeutic programs for various challenges, echoing her belief that love conquers all.


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The Journey On Podcast
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