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The Journey On Podcast

Tom Mayes

The Journey On Podcast
The Journey On Podcast

Tom Mayes is a Clinician, Educator, and owner of Integrated Equine Therapies, a highly effective approach that addresses the core causes of lameness, metabolic, and emotional dysfunction. He integrates cutting-edge proven modalities to resolve acute and chronic issues at their deepest level; thereby restoring normal function.

Tom is formally trained in Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral, Acupressure TCM, Myofascial Release, and Reiki. He has studied with world-class professionals in proven ancient therapies and modern cutting-edge modalities. Tom is the creator of “Integrated Equine Therapies,” a highly effective approach that addresses the core causes of lameness, metabolic and emotional dysfunctions.

Tom was born and raised in the mountains of the western United States. Having the
freedom to explore vast open spaces left an indelible mark on him, his sense of adventure, and his great love of the natural world. Tom’s fascination with science and healing has been influenced by his father, Darrel M. Mayes, who is noted for developing the first accurate tests for hormones and was a world-renowned researcher in the field of Endocrinology. In fact, he was considered for nomination for the Nobel Prize in Science. He instilled in Tom a deep respect for scientific methods and research; and
emphasized the importance of verifying results. At the age of 12, Tom would sit in lectures at the medical school near his father’s lab. He realized that for all the great achievements of modern science, something was missing, something deliberately set aside, something core. Since those days of budding awareness, Tom’s life has focused on defining and illuminating that missing essence through teaching, healing, and sharing. He continually explores weaving techniques with intuition, integrating the left brain with the right brain and merging Newtonian physics with quantum physics. Regardless of the approach, however, it all comes from the heart
and trusting one’s intuitive intelligence.

Tom has a martial arts background, degrees in Environmental Science and Medical
Anthropology and in his previous career, spent 20 years teaching science and math to children. He has received numerous awards and is recognized as a four-time recipient of the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Award.” Tom is well known for his ability to turn around chronic undiagnosed emotional, metabolic, and lameness dysfunctions in 1000's of horses.


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The Journey On Podcast
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