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235: Healing, Exploring your Shadow and Purpose through Creativity

The Lavendaire Lifestyle
The Lavendaire Lifestyle
Creativity and creating is not only “for the talented” as society and our upbringing might have led us to believe. Creativity is a language in itself, a means for expression, exploration, meditation, and healing. Join Aileen as she and James discuss his journey to discover his own unique magic to turn imagination to reality, and how creativity is an extraordinary medium for communication and healing.

James McCrae is a creative strategist and the founder of the Sunflower Club, a global community dedicated to creativity as a tool for personal healing and social transformation. His books include Sh#t Your Ego Says and How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis. James lives in Austin, Texas.


2:54 About my creative and spiritual journey
6:07 Writing the first book
13:12 Creating what’s authentic to me
19:58 How my process came about
28:00 The importance just showing up
31:26 The act of creation is like jazz music
35:15 I was trying too hard to be perfect
38:40 The ways I meditate
44:11 breath of fire
45:55 One of the biggest shifts in my life
47:58 Creativity is a human necessity


Website | https://jamesmccrae.com/meet-james
Podcast | Sunflower Club
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/wordsarevibrations/

The video version of this interview is available on YouTube: Episode 235



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