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240: The Courage to Start Over Again with Fresh Starts Registry

The Lavendaire Lifestyle
The Lavendaire Lifestyle
You can go through several major life changing moments in our lives, experience new chapters, endings that lead to new beginnings. And sometimes that means starting over. It can be difficult to start afresh and we almost always need support from our circles and communities. How can you be that support that your friend needs in these challenging times?

Aileen, Olivia, and Jenny go through how important it is to have a support system during these life changing moments, whether that’s a wedding, job change, graduation, divorce, living through grief, long-distance moves, celebrating brave choices, or whenever you feel like you deserve a new beginning. Olivia Howell and Jenny Dreizen are the founders of Fresh Start Registry, a first-of-its-kind platform built to support those going through brave and bold changes in their lives, revolutionizing the art and bravery of starting again.


3:03 How Fresh Starts Registry began
9:01 The most common services people need when making a fresh start
11:42 Life is a series of fresh starts
13:25 Bridging the gap between those who need support, and want to support
14:45 Making the decision to start over
19:12 You’re worthy of everything you want
23:28 How positive affirmations can help you
26:41 How to be the support that someone else needs
33:16 On being understanding and assuming the best intentions
37:43 Olivia and Jenny’s favourite stories since starting Fresh Start Registry
39:41 Challenges they have faced since starting the company
44:00 Making the decisions to grow
47:00 What Jenny and Olivia hope to grow towards


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The video version of this interview is available on YouTube: Episode 240



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