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The Listening Brain

A Conversation with Dr. Dimity Dornan, Founder & Executive Director of Hear and Say!

The Listening Brain
The Listening Brain

Dr. Dimity Dornan, AO is a social entrepreneur, bionics advocate, speech pathologist, researcher, Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say, and Founder and Chair of Bionics Queensland. Dimity has also been appointed to Adjunct Professor to the University of Queensland and Adjunct Professor to the Science and Engineering Faculty, School of Mechanical, Medical & Process Engineering.

In 1992, she established Hear and Say as a leading not-for-profit for deaf children learning to listen and speak, particularly with surgically implantable hearing technology like the bionic ear. She is currently sharing her experience for the benefit of the stakeholders in the wider bionics industry through Bionics Queensland.

Dr Dornan is aiming to bring outcomes similar to those legendary ones possible for many people who use the bionic ear to other new spin-off devices (e.g. bionic eye, deep brain stimulation, bionic organs and limbs etc.).

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The Listening Brain
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