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The Marketing Millennials

213 - Becoming a More Authentic Leader, with Hana Jacover

The Marketing Millennials
The Marketing Millennials
How can marketers become better leaders and avoid burnout? 
Hana Jacover’s sitting down with Daniel to help you uncover your true leadership superpower. The Leadership and Executive Coach shares her insights on personal growth and leadership development, explaining how heightened self-awareness can help build more impactful relationships. Hana also discusses the value of embracing neurodiversity and being authentic in the workplace.
Plus, is imposter syndrome real or fake? Hana has some strong thoughts on why we need to do away with this outdated term along with how marketers should embrace the skills and challenges they face today. Tune in to find out what she really thinks!
00:00:02 - Pivoting Careers: A Podcast Journey
00:00:47 - From Marketing to Leadership Development
00:03:05 - The Key to Effective Leadership
00:05:12 - Avoiding Burnout: The Importance of Self-Awareness for Leaders
00:08:16 - Authentic Leadership: Remembering Who You Are
00:13:40 - Regulating Emotions: Feel, Don't Judge
00:23:40 - Building Relationships with Other Leaders
00:27:00 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Fear
00:32:13 - Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style
00:35:05 - Showing Up Authentically
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The Marketing Millennials
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