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The Mary Trump Show

The Unabashed Face Of Racism #NerdAvengers

The Mary Trump Show
The Mary Trump Show
Mary Trump is joined by Adam Parkhomenko, Wajahat Ali, Jen Taub, Jennifer Rubin, Brian Karem, and Dean Obeidallah to fire back against the rise of intolerance in our country. They break down the assault on pluralism led by Gov. DeSantis in Florida, the nefarious forces on the Right undermining education to preserve their power, and how to stand up against them– with a detour into developments concerning the charges facing Donald in Georgia.

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This Week’s Guests:
Jen Taub: Twitter | Western New England University School of Law | Website | Author of “Big Dirty Money”
Wajahat Ali: Twitter | Daily Beast | Website | | Democracy-ish | Author of “Go Back To Where You Came From”
Dean Obeidallah: Twitter | Website | MSNBC | CNN | Daily Beast
Jennifer Rubin: Twitter | WaPo | Author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump”
Brian Karem: Twitter | Just Ask The Question Podcast | Author
Adam Parkhomenko: Twitter | Medium

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Twitter | Substack | Author of “The Reckoning” & “Too Much and Never Enough”
The Mary Trump Show
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