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Ep. 1261 - Our Cities Don’t Have To Be Crime-Infested Wastelands. The Solution Is Simple.

The Matt Walsh Show
The Matt Walsh Show

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, San Francisco has been a dystopian wasteland filled with homeless drug addicts for many years. Yet with the communist leader of China coming to town, it has managed to make itself look clean and presentable. This proves that these problems are easy to solve, if only our leaders had the will to solve them. Also, Tim Scott ends his presidential campaign, which comes as news to millions of people who didn't know he had a presidential campaign. Vivek Ramaswamy announces his plan to fire 50 percent of the federal government workforce. I'll explain why that doesn't go far enough. And we're being told that "climate anxiety" is on the rise? What is that? And aren't there much better things to be anxious about?


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