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The MeatEater Podcast

Ep. 304: The Fish Shack's Revenge - A Tiki Christmas Family Feud Extravaganza Blowout


Steven Rinella talks with Matt Rinella, Danny Rinella, Kevin Gillespie, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Sean Weaver, Hunter Spencer, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis. 
Topics discussed: Phil and Kevin's shared love of pop-up tiki bars; the incredible land masses that would open up if we could corner cross public lands; Danny Rinella on mule deer making the creep up into Alaska; Kevin's slammin' hot buttered rum and invasive iguana lard Christmas cookies; last chance to bid on prized 2021 Auction House of Oddities items; why you need MeatEater's low transfer rate Safflower Oil for your cooking; the importance of keeping tourniquets and trauma kits in your hunting packs; the cloacal kiss; the evolution of duck genitalia: penis hooks and dead end vaginal pouches; marinating deer in floral scented trash bags; a debate with Matt Rinella about hunting social media and influencers; R3, Covid, cameras, clicks, and overcrowding; writing notes on blank checks; rectal health; Matt's 2022 "no post" New Year's Resolution challenge; and more.

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