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E300 | My brother won't stop smiling | Creepy Stories

The Midnight Podcast
The Midnight Podcast

In this chilling story, the narrator recounts the strange and unsettling transformation of their usually stoic brother, Alex. Known for his rare displays of emotion, Alex suddenly wakes up one morning with an uncharacteristically broad and eerie smile. Despite his claims of being happy, his family can't shake off the feeling that something is off. Days pass, and Alex's constant, unsettling smile becomes a cause for concern. The situation takes a dark turn when he is sent home from work due to customers feeling uncomfortable with his "creepy" behavior. The tension escalates at home, leading to an incident where Alex attacks a family member. As the narrator listens in on a mysterious conversation between their parents, they are drawn to Alex's room, discovering a horrifying sight of his distorted, unnatural smile. The story concludes with Alex missing, leaving an unsettling sense of fear and uncertainty about his whereabouts and the nature of his bizarre condition.

Special thanks to: IAmBrengo

Story: My brother won't stop smiling


Music by: Myuu https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji


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