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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Davinia Taylor

Author of It’s Not A Diet and founder of supplement brand Will Powder,  Davinia Taylor, is here to explain the principles behind her new book Hack Your Hormones. You may well remember Davinia from her days as an actress on Hollyoaks and being a renowned party girl in the 90’s - painting London red with The Primrose Set! But gone are those hedonistic days, and in the last 14 years, Davinia has learned lots from her own journey from alcoholic to wellness advocate. She talks to Gabby all about biohacking, and ways you can support and stimulate certain hormones such as dopamine, to get the best out of your mind and body. They also discuss ways to optimise and track your sleep, and the things to avoid in the ingredient lists of many household foods.

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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan
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