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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Relationships in Midlife

This is the second of our special compilation episodes this summer; perfect for you to dip in and out of on your holidays, or to accompany you on any long journeys. This week we’re focusing on a topic that comes up a lot on The Mid.Point: relationships. Be they romantic, familial, or purely platonic, they can often take on a new importance when navigating midlife. 

Like everything, relationships change and evolve over time and sometimes they no longer serve us by the midpoint, hence why many people find themselves navigating the end of a significant partnership or friendship at this time of life. However, scientific research suggests that there are anti-ageing properties bound up in social interactions and a sense of community, so it’s vitally important that we keep making friendships throughout our lives. But it can be hard to put yourself out there, especially when it comes to dating. These are all aspects that our wonderful guests - Elizabeth Day, Phil Neville, Rob Rinder, Jane Fallon, Kelly Cates, Kirsty Gallacher, Kenny Logan, sobriety advocate Matt Pink, and Professor Rose Anne Kenny – all touch on in this week’s episode. 

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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan
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