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The Minds of Madness - True Crime Stories

Episode 154 - Trouble With The Pipes - The Disappearance Of Rori Hache & Kandis Fitzpatrick

In Ontario, Canada, September marks one of the last months of the year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors before packing it in for the season.

In 2017, one fisherman in Oshawa, Ontario, was out on the pier when he noticed something floating in the water.

What he and another fisherman managed to catch in his net, would be a visual that would forever be seared in his mind. Not a prize salmon but something far more sinister: Evidence of Murder.

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Research & Writing:
Matt Snell

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CBC News: Rori Hache's family demands Oshawa 'house of horrors,' where teen's remains found, be demolished
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Toronto Sun: Oshawa murder victim Rori Hache was pregnant and 'determined to keep the baby'
YouTube: Adam Strong Police Interview
YouTube: Teen Girl's Body Parts Found in Suspect's Plumbing & Freezer | Interrogation Raw | A&E
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