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Getting The Lead Role In A Movie with Rachele Brooke Smith

The Mindset Flex
The Mindset Flex

Everyone goes through challenges in life. We experience soul-crushing breakups. We don’t get into our dream school or land the job that will change our lives. Even the most successful people in the world go through similar struggles.

The difference?

The most successful people transform their struggles into triumphs. Today’s guest, actress Rachel Brooke Smith, is a perfect example of this.

She went through more hardships than she can count. But she used her failures to fuel her wins. And she can help you do the same.

In this episode, Rachele Brooke Smith reveals how you can achieve your wildest dreams — no matter how often you’ve failed.

Listen to the episode now.

Show highlights include:

  • The sinister way feeling trapped makes your mind manifest the worst case scenario in your life (1:25)
  • How to transform your anxious energy into fuel to accomplish your most unbelievable dreams (3:35)
  • The counterintuitive reason quitting on one of your goals might be the most powerful thing you do in your life (6:50)
  • How your childhood chastises your creativity (and how restoring it makes you happier and more fulfilled) (9:00)
  • Why you don’t have to work in a creative field to harness your inner creativity and unlock joy (9:19)
  • How a soul-crushing breakup can be the single best thing that happens to you (10:09)
  • The hidden “Life Rules” you’re living by without realizing — and how to figure out if they’re propelling you forward or keeping you stuck (12:36)
  • How to brush off haters without self-sabotaging (even when they’re people you admire) (21:41)
  • The simple, yet powerful way to “tap into” your body to create energy that makes your business goals inevitable (35:00)

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