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The Mindset Flex

This Is How You Change Your Thoughts And Emotions

The Mindset Flex
The Mindset Flex

Your mind, your thoughts, and your feelings can either be a cheat code for accomplishing your goals, or an insurmountable obstacle you can’t conquer no matter what you try.

Yet most people choose the latter. Why?

Because your mind’s addicted to comfort. If it’s used to thinking negative, self-destructive thoughts, it’ll pick those sabotaging thoughts over ones that improve your life.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

It’s possible to change your thoughts and emotions and life. In this episode, you’ll discover how to change your thoughts and emotions — and use them to fuel your dreams instead of sabotage them.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The vicious “negative self-talk loop” which causes your anxiety and depression to spiral out of control (and how to break free) (1:57)
  • How your mind gets addicted to your negative thought patterns (3:03)
  • Why crisis and trauma are thee most reliable way to change your life (and how to make positive changes without suffering first) (4:04)
  • How your brain tricks your body into thinking your thoughts are real (and how to use this supernatural power to achieve your wildest dreams instead) (8:00)
  • The “Blank Slate” secret for radically changing your life and unlocking unlimited joy (8:56)

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The Mindset Flex
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