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What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

The Mindset Flex
The Mindset Flex

Whenever you try to tackle your goals, discouragement rears its ugly head. Your mind transforms into your biggest critic. And fills you with trash which makes you self-sabotage.

Discouragement is a habit. But that’s good news.


Because even though it will be hard, you can replace that bad habit with an empowering one. And it starts by first noticing your discouraging thoughts.

In this episode, you’ll discover the powerful way to transform discouraging thoughts into raw motivation. Listen now and turn your biggest critic into your biggest supporter.

Show highlights include:

  • The “Second Thought” secret for using your discouragement as fuel (1:10)
  • The counterintuitive way welcoming discouraging thoughts motivates you more than fighting them off (2:20)
  • How discouraging thoughts sneak up on your psyche and sabotage your dreams (3:38)
  • Why simply breathing through discouraging thoughts nukes your anxiety before it flares up (7:46)
  • The wicked “Anxiety and Depression Cycle” you can easily fall into when chasing your goals (and how catching discouraging thoughts helps you avoid this trap) (8:13)
  • Why physical activity is the best way to get rid of negative thoughts (9:47)

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