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The Music Supercast

Pigeon John from the LA Underground to Sync King


Learn how PIGEON JOHN took flight to massive syncs from the LA Underground. wearethesupergroup.com/msc Big Love and Shout Outs to @guildofmusicsupervisorscanada // SOCAN @SocanMusic A Supergroup Sonic Branding Co Production © @SupergroupTO @wearethesupergroup ⁣⁣ Produced by @sorellesoundco ⁣& Distributed by @thesoundoffpodcast .⁣⁣ Music + Underscore used with permission of artist(s) - wearethesupergroup.com #MusicSupers The Music Supercast PODCAST. Exploring the bridge between music and film. Creative minds and the exploration of their journey. #WEARETHESUPERGROUP⁣