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The Neurocuriosity Club Podcast

112 | PMDD, ADHD & the Menstrual Cycle, with Katilyn

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains some discussion of self-harm. We don’t go into graphic detail, but it is discussed. If you’re not in a headspace to hear this kind of content right now, I encourage you to save this episode and come back to it at a later time, or simply skip this episode altogether.

Today we’re talking to Kaitlyn Signorelli of Confidently ADHD & Kaitlyn Signorelli Coaching to talk about ADHD and the menstrual cycle. We begin our talk discussing Kaitlyn’s experience with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and later, how they’ve learned to make accommodations in their life to cope with the ways the menstrual cycle affects their ADHD symptoms. By knowing your symptoms shift as your hormones shift during your menstrual cycle, you can: (1) start to pay attention to it to see how it looks and shows up in your life, (2) you can start to take control of it, so it doesn’t feel as chaotic anymore, and (3) you can start to accept and embrace that there’s no shame in how you’re feeling - because there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with you, your brain chemistry is literally changing throughout the month.

Connect with Kaitlyn:

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