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The Newest Olympian

57 | The Titan's Curse Ch. 20 w/ Kelly Schubert (LIVE in SLC!)

The Newest Olympian
The Newest Olympian

Kelly Beckman Schubert from Magic Shop Patches is back again for another live episode of TNO, this time covering the final chapter in The Titan's Curse while live in Salt Lake City, UT! After the midroll, Kim Harris from Fanatical Fics joins for Q&A! Topics include: Helmets, unions, Bluey, Ugliano, ferried, Texans, toasted cheese sandwiches, Michael B. Jordan, moving, THE PLOT, The Power of Silence, Quiet, Greek HR, mentions, Pan’s Labyrinth, Donovan Mitchell, The Great Salt Lake, teamwork makes the dream work, basketball, and more!

TNO in Melbourne (and NZ soon!): www.thenewestolympian.com/live

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Is Percy Jackson the book series we should’ve been reading all along? Join Mike Schubert as he reads through the books for the first time with the help of longtime PJO fans to cover the plot, take stabs at what happens next, and nerd out over Greek mythology. Whether you're looking for an excuse to finally read these books, or want to re-read an old favorite with a digital book club, grab your blue chocolate chip cookies and listen along. New episodes release on Mondays wherever you get your podcasts!

The Newest Olympian
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