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by Nextlander
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Free Mom From the Bathroom


Vinny barely managed to finish doing battle with his house in time to record this podcast, which covers the actually good time loop game The Forgotten City, thoughts on the end of Psychonauts 2, this year's Madden mess, the latest socially conscious goings-on in Fortnite, hanging out with Rad Ghost, our Death Stranding 2 wish list, and more!


00:00:08 Intro
00:01:40 A tale about the dangers of doors
00:13:10 Getting stuck in places you're not supposed to be
00:14:42 Very little Class with very little Action
00:19:59 Psychonauts 2 (PC, Xbox)
00:35:01 The Forgotten City (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
00:51:19 Break
00:51:22 Madden NFL 2022 (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)
01:00:51 The Big Con (PC, Xbox)
01:05:10 The news!
01:05:58 Is Death Stranding 2 a real thing?
01:12:42 Activision Blizzard renaming characters
01:18:32 Toshihiro Nagoshi Leaving Sega for NetEase?
01:22:25 MLK Jr. Event in Fortnite
01:31:09 Some updates on the Dead Space reboot
01:34:55 Recap of the games we talked about
01:35:48 Wrapping up and thank you
01:36:35 Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
01:38:33 Nextlander content updates
01:40:33 End of show!


Episode 13

by Nextlander