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The No Food Rules Podcast

4 Signs You Don’t Actually Hate Exercise

The No Food Rules Podcast
The No Food Rules Podcast

It's not uncommon for us to be obsessed with moving our bodies while on the diet culture treadmill until we start to feel like we hate exercise.

It makes sense that if you're trying to 'be healthy' by living a diet lifestyle while also working on improving your physical fitness, when you pivot and begin to eat intuitively, suddenly, you might not want to exercise at all.

The truth is all that obsession with “getting fit” might have left you with a nasty taste in your mouth about moving your body, and now you hate exercise (or do you?).

Movement can be super beneficial for both your physical and mental health, offering benefits such as increased energy, a boosted mood, better sleep, AND an improved sex life (I’m here for ALL of it!)

Translation: Moving your body is GOOD. And guess what? You probably don't hate exercising—you just think you do.

Listen—it's okay to have days when the movement isn't as enjoyable or doesn't feel good. Just like with our eating, we're not always going to get it right. But sometimes, it's just our motivation or our mindset that needs a little tweak.

Today on "The No Food Rules" podcast, I'm sharing why you might think you hate exercise and 4 reasons why you actually don’t.

Let me be direct—exercise isn’t just about reshaping our bodies. I’ll share some even more motivating benefits that can be gained from getting moving.

Tune in to learn why restricting your body's energy is a double-edged sword, creative ways to get in some movement while raising the FUN factor, and why movement doesn't have to be done for a certain amount of time (or at a gym) for it to count as exercise.

In this episode, I'm also sharing my easy recipe for a change of pace—easy, fun breakfast sandwiches that are a cinch to make and can be eaten for ANY meal or snack.

Plus, I'm examining how different personality types recharge their batteries—being at home or getting out and getting social. I'll share which one moves my needle, and I'd love to hear about what works for you. Reach out via the DMs and share how you recharge, what motivates you to move, and your comments on this episode.

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