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The No Food Rules Podcast

Another TikTok drink trend?! [No Food Rules News 11/2/23]

The No Food Rules Podcast
The No Food Rules Podcast

Hey guys!

Here is today’s episode of the No Food Rules News! I’m feeling much better mentally than last week but not so much physically… I’ll also fill ya in on what Theo did and why last week was such a hot mess for me emotionally. And, obvi, lots of great stories to chat about!

What is the No Food Rules News? I've rounded up some articles that I've seen in the past week that relate to food, health, nutrition, body and/or diet culture. I'll share a couple of my thoughts with them! Hope you enjoy!

WATCH ON YOUTUBE -> https://youtu.be/EvxUvnc0HK4?si=98R0ZMGF6pv4Eq2T



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This week’s stories:

The No Food Rules Podcast
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