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The No Food Rules Podcast

Decoding the Diet Trauma of the 2000s [feat. Nicole]

The No Food Rules Podcast
The No Food Rules Podcast

Weight Watchers, meal replacement shakes, the 100 Calorie Packs, and those celebrity fitness gurus leading us through DVD workout after workout.

Ah, the 2000s. Good times! Good times!

We'd fuel up on 200 calories or fewer and then expect to go out and live our lives to the fullest while walking around with the amount of food in our bodies that we'd expect a toddler to eat.

We've all been there, and most of us tried it ALL… and a lot of us have the unhealthy obsessions (and the dusty stack of workout DVDs with toned body instructors shouting, "burn that butter"—if you know, you know!) to prove it, only to feel defeated when we couldn't stick to it.

Guess what? We were all set up for failure! The diet industry of the 2000s was gaslighting us and feeding us false promises.

But you're not alone!

Today, Nicole and I are breaking down the disordered diet trends of the aughts that left us feeling miserable, hungry, and unhappy.

We're sharing our own personal experiences and providing a safe space for you, our listeners, while offering hope because no matter how long you've carried it around, it is possible to undo the damage from past diet trends and become an intuitive eater.

Join us for a casual chat with two dietitians about the colors we wear, the power of pausing to understand our cravings, and alternative ways to fulfill them (without relying on food). Plus, we'll share a controversial method of intuitive eating that's been making waves in the SociEATy.

Let's dive into a casual conversation and leave the 2000s diet trauma behind!

Did we miss any of the 2000s diet traumas? We'd love to hear from YOU, the listeners. Reach out via the DMs with your comments.

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