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The Nugget Climbing Podcast

EP 154: Fundamentals — How to Go on a Bouldering Trip

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Fundamentals (Part 2 of 6) — In part 2 of this series, Jesse and I dive deeper into specific tips and pitfalls for going on a bouldering trip. We covered a wide range of topics including training and preparation, crash pad and kit recommendations, how to manage skin and energy, good bouldering ethics, how to boulder in a group, and much more.

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Jesse’s Original Episode:

EP 127: Jesse Firestone

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Show Notes:



0:04:22 – A favorite memory from Jesse’s trip to Rocklands, and my week-long trip to Bishop in 2017

0:11:12 – Top out views

0:12:06 – Jesse’s Tip #1: Try to have a mix of crash pads

0:16:55 – Steven’s Tip #1: Make your preparation as specific as possible

0:20:21 – Bonus Tip: Two things that people miss in their bouldering training

0:22:51 – Steven’s Tip #2: Decide really quickly whether or not the boulder you’re trying is important for you (and have an intention for the trip and each climbing day)

0:24:56 – Bonus Tip: Be mindful of the language that you use with yourself (e.g. “I should be able to do this.”)

0:25:35 – Jesse’s Tip #2: Organize your gear and car before your trip (and stash some emergency snacks in your bag!)

0:30:01 – Steven’s Tip #3: Bring everything you think you might need to the boulders

0:32:41 – Jesse’s Tip #3: Know basic bouldering ethics, and know how to move efficiently in a group (and be polite at the boulders)

0:35:01 – Steven’s Tip #4: Take breaks to run around and look at cool stuff

0:36:28 – Bonus Tip: Take your climbing shoes off between every try

0:36:49 – Steven’s Tip #5: Sleep on a decent bed (and bring your pillow!)

0:39:06 – Steven’s Pitfall #1: Blowing through all of your skin on day 1

0:40:22 – Jesse’s Pitfall #1: Getting socially exhausted (i.e. be mindful of how much social energy you have)

0:41:46 – Steven’s Pitfall #2: Spending the whole day “warming up” to do the hard thing

0:42:59 – Bonus Tip: Learn how to warm up with minimal climbing (and be ruthlessly realistic about how much time you have and what you can do in a day)

0:44:35 – Jesse’s Pitfall #2: Not being mindful of how much total energy you have

0:46:45 – Steven’s Pitfall #3: Blowing it with timing when it comes to conditions and sun/aspect

0:48:02 – Bonus Tip: Try to find out when your project goes into the shade

0:48:26 – Jesse’s Pitfall #3: Not taking responsibility for your own safety

0:52:40 – Jesse’s Top Tip: Know good bouldering ethics

0:53:23 – Steven’s Top Tip: Decide quickly whether the bouldering you are trying is important to you

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
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