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The Nugget Climbing Podcast

EP 159: Tom Randall & Sam Van Boxtel — Why YouTube is the Future of Climbing Media, and How Much $$ YouTubers Make

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Tom Randall and Sam Van Boxtel are back on the podcast to discuss all things YouTube! We talked about YouTube as the future of climbing media, why Shawn Raboutou’s vlog is such a big deal in climbing right now, why I started a channel for The Nugget, how much money YouTubers make, the keys to being successful on YouTube, top advice for all content creators, and much more!

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Show Notes:



0:08:10 – Pee bottles, Tom’s advice for vanlife peeing activities

0:10:11 – The Ultimate Peeing Van Bodily Fluid Dilema

0:12:57 – Welcoming Tom and Sam back on the podcast, and their other episodes (see show notes for links)

0:13:59 – Tom’s busy life, and being extremely intentional about what he chooses to do

0:15:58 – Tom’s quest to find the ultimate climbing experience in a single pitch, and climbing ‘Once Upon a Time’ E9

0:20:04 – Why are we recording an entire episode about YouTube?

0:23:49 – How often Tom gets recognized from YouTube, and why he’s so interested in where things are going

0:26:10 – It’s still early on YouTube

0:28:32 – Why is Shawn Raboutou starting his Vlog one of the biggest things to happen in climbing media in recent years?

0:33:11 – Why more pro climbers will likely move over to YouTube, and YouTube vs. Instagram payouts

0:36:35 – Why is YouTube the future of climbing media?

0:40:50 – Why long-form podcasts are similar to YouTube vlogs

0:43:44 – Why I launched a YouTube channel for The Nugget (link in show notes!)

0:46:20 – Why YouTube wins over static content

0:49:46 – What Tom has learned from growing the Lattice Training channel

0:52:57 – The importance of packaging your content well, the behind-the-scenes of YouTubing, comparing Anna Hazelnutt and Adam Ondra’s channels, and how much it costs to run a YouTube channel

1:00:25 – How technology levels the playing field for content creators

1:01:49 – How much do people make on YouTube, and where does the money come from?

1:07:27 – The keys to being successful on YouTube

1:12:55 – How hard Magnus Midtbø works to make his channel successful (see show notes for his podcast episode)

1:14:09 – Sam’s 3 keys to being successful on YouTube: Title, Topic, and Thumbnail

1:16:40 – The importance of organization and systems

1:19:12 – Sam’s recommendations for The Nugget’s channel, and filling out the ecosystem of the channel

1:23:58 – Tom’s advice for me, and making content specific to the platform you plan to share it on

1:32:49 – Why aren’t brands doing more on YouTube?

1:36:09 – What should climbing brands be doing as far as YouTube is concerned?

1:40:21 – Behind the scenes with brand sponsorships

1:43:55 – Tom’s advice for anyone who is thinking of starting a YouTube channel, and the hard work it takes to be successful

1:48:59 – What Tom is most excited to see on YouTube

1:50:36 – What Sam is most excited to see on YouTube

1:51:39 – What I am most excited to see on YouTube

1:53:23 – Wrap up, Tom’s upcoming trip to Austria, and Sam’s upcoming trips in the States

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The Nugget Climbing Podcast
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