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The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Follow-Up: Emil Abrahamsson — Gaining Weight to Climb His First V15, Overhauling His Training, and Thinking Long-Term With Projects (Teaser)

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
The Nugget Climbing Podcast

This full episode is available for Patrons right now! Emil Abrahamsson is back on the podcast to talk about sending his first V15. We talked about how gaining 15 lbs (6.5 kg) led to sending his hardest boulder, how and why he overhauled his training, how he’s achieved long-term finger strength gains, sending his most meaningful project with Power of Now V14, my goal to climb my first V13, his advice for me, and much more!

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*The full version is 2:06:03.

*Watch the uncut video interview here!


Emil’s Original Episode:

EP 85: Emil Abrahamsson (Sept 6, 2021)

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
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