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The Official Liverpool FC Podcast

Alex Inglethorpe

How do you deal with breaking the news to a young footballer that his time at the club is over?

What are the essentials a player needs when they graduate to LFC’s first team?

Are there benefits to grassroots football over academy football?

All these questions and lots more are tackled in the latest episode of We Are Liverpool with the club’s Academy Director Alex Inglethorpe joining Peter McDowall & Robbie Fowler offering his thought-provoking insight.

Alex has been overseeing the development of Liverpool’s youngsters for over a decade, but admits there are still new challenges and pitfalls that make the role as demanding as ever.

And for parents who drive their young footballers to and from games every weekend, there are words of advice from Alex on how to encourage in the right way.
The Official Liverpool FC Podcast
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