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Rylee Foster

Goalkeeper Rylee Foster fulfilled a childhood dream in January 2020 when she travelled from Canada to sign for LFC Women, re-establishing the link her family has with the club and the city.

However, almost two years into her Reds career, the battle to be Liverpool's No.1 was replaced with a fight for her life, after she was involved in a serious car accident that left her a 'sneeze away' from paralysis.

In the latest episode of We Are Liverpool, Rylee talks openly to Peter McDowall and Robbie Fowler about the physical and mental trauma she suffered and the long recovery process she had to endure, with her sights firmly set on the future on and off the pitch.

We'll also hear why she had 'You'll Never Walk Alone' tattooed on her arm long before joining the club, how her father helped her goalkeeping education and where Robbie ranks in her list of Liverpool heroes.

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The Official Liverpool FC Podcast
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