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Pat McGibbon - Speaking out after 20 years

To kick off 2024 Sam, Helen & Maysie catch up with former Red and Northern Ireland international Pat McGibbon. Pat has an important story to tell, particularly at a time of year when a lot of people struggle with their mental health.

Not long after joining United as a teenager, Pat learnt the tragic news of his brother Phillip taking his own life, which is something Pat hasn't spoken about until recently. He has begun to speak publicly about mental health issues, with the aim of increasing mental health awareness, reducing the stigma and promoting health and well-being through sport. Pat tells us about this heart-breaking time for his family and also how Manchester United offered him much needed structure in his life, helping him to focus on his football career again. It wasn't until after retirement when Pat started to really struggle with his own mental health. We're pleased to say that Pat has turned things around and is now a mental health and wellbeing coach/mentor.

In Phillip's honour, Pat founded the charity TRAIN 2 B SMART (TTBS) Juniors, who aim to promote positive mental health and well-being through sport. TTBS have affiliated boys and girls teams at a range of age groups. The aim of the charity is to educate through seminars, workshops, play and to inspire the local/ wider community.

For more information on Train 2B Smart you can watch this video or visit their website. You can donate to their Community Well-being Hub JustGiving page here. Thank you!

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