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The Official Manchester United Podcast

Unheard: Memories of Munich

As we commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, we have delved into the archives to present a special episode of the Manchester United podcast.

In 1998, 40 years after the tragedy, journalist and author Tom Tyrrell spent time with Jackie Blanchflower, Bill Foulkes and Albert Scanlon, Busby Babes and survivors from that fateful day.

They spoke about the wonderful and ground-breaking team they played in, the events of February 6th, 1958, the aftermath and how it made them feel to watch the United team of 1998 - on the edge of glory themselves.

Narrated by the legendary football writer Paddy Barclay, this is of course an incredibly emotional account of the darkest day in our club’s history, and the accounts of Jackie, Bill and Albert are presented as they were told in order to educate listeners.

Producer: Wayne Barton

Editor: Nick Thomson

Executive Producer: Scott Martin

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The Official Manchester United Podcast
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