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The Official Manchester United Podcast

United & Proud

To mark the occasion of Manchester Pride in August, the UTD Podcast team have been looking into the links between United, the city of Manchester and the LQBTQ+ community. Join Sam Homewood and Zarah Connolly on a tour around the city with Josh from Free Manchester Walking Tours to learn why Manchester is such a welcoming and inclusive city. You may be surprised at what you learn!

Sam and Zarah are also joined by James & Sam from the Rainbow Devils, who share their story, their relationship with United and the great work that the Rainbow Devils supporters club do.

In this episode you’ll also hear from first team players Leah Galton, Christian Eriksen, Martha Thomas and Marcus Rashford. They tell us what they love about Manchester as well as their thoughts on Manchester Pride.

Produced by Nick Thomson.

Executive Producer: Scott Martin

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The Official Manchester United Podcast
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