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The Outdoor Evolution Podcast

12: How Creators Make a Living

The Outdoor Evolution Podcast
The Outdoor Evolution Podcast

In this episode, Darwin & Emory open up about what a career as a media creator might look like. If you're interested in getting into creating outdoor media professionally, or are just curious about how some creators make a living, this is the episode for you! Darwin draws on his personal experience of six years as an outdoor media creator, and answers some common questions people have about how sustainable it is. How do I start? What can I expect for the first year? How will this affect my personal life? All of these, and more, answered on this episode!!

This is the final episode of the first run of episodes for The Outdoor Evolution Podcast. If you've listened to them all - we appreciate it and please like, comment, subscribe, and contact us with any thoughts you've had on the first 12 episodes! If you haven't, we encourage you to go back and check them out during our brief hiatus before a run of brand new episodes later this year! We'll be coming back to you with new stories, important discussions, and maybe even be joined by some new voices...stay tuned!!!

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The Outdoor Evolution Podcast
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