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by Funk Roberts
The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

Episode 67 - 6 Pillars To Health For Men Over 40


It’s men’s health month and what better way to celebrate men than to celebrate their life and the healthy habits that they have in place to help them live longer and happier. Today, Funk shares the 6 Pillars to Health for men who are in their 40s and beyond. He addresses the current struggles and challenges they are facing, especially the pressing issues with their health. Understand how these 6 pillars work and how to sustain them, and the mindset that needs to be fixed to make sure all these pillars work together successfully.

“When you apply these 6 pillars, 100% your health will improve, your life will improve regardless of age and the conditions you have in life.” — Funk Roberts

In This Episode:
- The 6 foundations for men’s health that need serious attention and focus and why it’s important to have them working together.
- Learn the mindset and lifestyle change that will build the habits and behavior that support the 6 pillars to men’s health.
- The key that can make all the 6 pillars work together successfully which is naturally decreasing each year as soon as men hit their 40s and the ways to sustain it at a healthy number.
- Why men’s metabolisms slow down and the different ways and habits men do that sabotage their metabolism.
- What a balanced, healthy plate looks like and the 4 quadrants you need to have on your plate that helps you graduate from the old strategy that didn’t work.
- Why workout is NOT sustainable for men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and the more sustainable pillar they need to build which prolongs men’s health and won’t let them get injured
- The 2 biggest indicators of high estrogen and the different hormones that men need to watch out for and get to a controlled level.

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by Funk Roberts