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by Funk Roberts
The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

Episode 68 - 7 Best Ways To Track Your Weight Loss and Fitness Results


When it comes to solid, tangible results, documentation is key. It can be as simple as jotting notes in a daily journal, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Or, if you’re the Excel type of guy, you can log and dump all your results in a sheet and generate a graph at the end of the week to spot a trend. In today’s episode, Funk shares his top 7, no-brainer hacks on how to track your weight loss journey and log your fitness results. That way, you’ll have a tangible guide that can help you stay on track and keep going when the journey gets tough. After all, whatever gets measured gets delivered.

“It’s very important to assess your fitness journey to make sure it’s paying off. If you’re not tracking, it’s difficult to assess your progress.” —Funk Roberts

In This Episode:
- Note the 5 sensible reasons why it's a must for you to track your fitness journey.
- The most important factors to consider and put into place when you are tracking.
- Find out why relying on the scale sets you up for failure and the steps to take to use this tool wisely.
- The top items that should be present in your tracker and the 7 different ways by which you can track smartly.
- Understand what a de-load week is all about and when’s the perfect time to incorporate it into your fitness routine.
- Discover the KEY to your SUCCESS in achieving your weight loss goals.

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by Funk Roberts