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by Nate Punzalan
The Paper Cup: Faith-Based Real Talk with Nate Punzalan

Dealing with Pandemic Anxiety | Nate Punzalan


If you’re constantly telling yourself, “I’m tired of being tired,” and experience things like unwillingness to get out of bed, lack of motivation to do simple tasks, regretful or sorrowful comparison to others living “better” lives, pining for how it used to be, panicking because of all the uncertainty, or unjustly channeling your anger onto others.. then you may be going through pandemic anxiety.

That’s all normal. We’re experiencing a traumatic global event. And I’m not just saying this, I also go through all of these things, quite often actually. Now, I’m gonna share tips with you for dealing with pandemic anxiety, but I need you to promise me one thing. Please do something after this podcast. Take one of these tips and actually do it.



by Nate Punzalan