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by Nate Punzalan
The Paper Cup: Faith-Based Real Talk with Nate Punzalan

Should Christians Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? | Nate Punzalan


In this episode of #CoffeeConversations, Pauline and I talk about a question that’s being asked around some Christian communities. Should a Christian take the COVID-19 vaccine? This discussion is full of our opinions, so I’m just throwing out a disclaimer that (1) our opinions are subject to change based on the information we receive, and that (2) you’re free to respectfully disagree in the comments below! Dialogue is essential to progress.   

*I just realized that as we talk in this episode, the assumption is already that vaccines in general are scientifically sound ways to significantly increase immunity against certain viruses, and that the COVID-19 vaccine is no different. Yes, we recognize that there have been a small amount of cases where vaccine takers experienced negative side effects. But in general, we still believe that the vaccine does more good than harm all in all.  If you'd like us to talk more about the science behind the vaccine, and the possible negative side effects, we can do that in a future video. Just letting you know that that was not the scope of this one. :)  

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: https://biologos.org/common-questions/should-christians-get-vaccinated



by Nate Punzalan