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The Pineapple Project

S7 03 | Oh, Baby

How much stuff do babies need? It's probably less than you think. We tend to spend big on our little ones, hoping to give them the best start in life. And those tiny socks are just so cute! But what's the stuff we actually need versus what's nice to have? And are we just trying to buy the "best" stuff so we can feel like good parents?
Here's how to save more money for those rainy days (hello, teenagers) and still feel like we're raising a happy, healthy bub.


Jess and Kate Flood

Karen Ferry, creative director and writer

Dr Pam Douglas, a general practitioner and researcher with a special interest in perinatal mental health and breastfeeding medicine

Veronica Milsom, comedian, mum and host of Zero Waste Baby podcast
The Pineapple Project


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