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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code

Episode 23: Treating Addiction with Ozempic, Mounjaro, & other GLP-1s

Today, Brenda is our community guest. She shares her struggles with food addiction and alcohol dependency and how Mounjaro has changed her life. Branda has been off Mounjaro for 3 months. She has a totally new lifestyle and continues to lose weight and be free of her alcohol dependence and food noise.

In this captivating episode, we are joined by Dr. Joy, a prominent addiction counselor and advocate for body positivity. Dr. Joy shares her journey and mission to guide individuals through healing and self-discovery. Exploring a range of topics, she discusses the varying intensities of addictions, the potential role of GLP-1s in addiction treatment, and the delicate balance between self-love and dismantling diet culture.

The conversation dives into strategies for overcoming challenging days and emphasizes the significance of patience and self-compassion in weight loss. Dr. Joy sheds light on the interconnectedness of mental health, activity, and connections in the journey to holistic well-being. Tune in for a transformative dialogue that offers insights into addiction recovery, body positivity, and the empowering path to self-discovery.

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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code
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