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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code

S2, E2 An Ounce of Prevention with Dr Rocio Salas Whalen

***Trigger warning - we discuss infertility in this episode.***

In this episode, our guest, Dr. Salas-Whalen, a triple board-certified physician in endocrinology and obesity, sheds light on metabolic disorders, endocrine therapy, and disease prevention. Dr. Salas-Whalen explains how metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance, can be identified through specific blood tests and discusses the critical early stages of pre-diabetes. She emphasizes the importance of long-term management for chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes and explores the connection between PCOS and insulin resistance. Additionally, she highlights how GLP-1s can aid in weight management during menopause and addresses the intriguing possibility of using GLP-1s preventatively. Tune in to discover valuable insights into these health topics and learn about essential considerations when starting GLP-1 therapy.

Dr. Salas-Whalen is a double board-certified physician with broad experience across all facets of endocrinology, with a particular emphasis on obesity, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. She believes that every patient is different and that effective care must be customized according to individual needs. She is a strong advocate for prevention rather than treatment – especially in regard to obesity and diabetes.


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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code
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