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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code

S2, E8, Part 2 Am I Worthy of Wegovy? -- Part 2 -- featuring Alexandra and Dr. Aleem Kanji

Resources for the Community:
https://www.ivimhealth.com/weightloss/ Telehealth for weight management

In this episode, we explore the evolving landscape of medical solutions for obesity. Dr. Kanji, an expert in Internal Medicine joins us. He is a board-certified obesity specialist and endocrinologist and discusses the scientific validity of GLP1 medications like Wegovy, especially after weight loss surgery and post-traumatic experiences, such as COVID-19. Our community guest, Alexandra, shares her personal journey with lifelong obesity, weight loss surgery, and the eventual use of Wegovy to treat her obesity. We also delve into the benefits of GLP1 therapies during menopause, the cardiac advantages of semaglutide, and the potential of maintenance dosaging. Additionally, we touch on the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, potential changes in treatment options, and the innovative medication Retatrutide.

Alexandra shares her journey on Tik Tok on her personal account @Alexandra.rny.glp1

You can find Dr Aleem on Tik Tok @AleemKanjiMD
Resources from Dr Kanji:


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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code
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