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The Podcast On The Prairie with Jeremiah Hall and Brayden Willis

Episode 16: Brent Venables, 10K, and J.D. Runnels


It was a crazy week Pod on the Prairie family... Jeremiah and Brayden hit 10k on Twitter!!

Oh yeah, and OU has their new guy in head coach Brent Venables! The guys break down when they heard the news, the first Zoom and in-person meetings, Jeremiah's strong first impression in the hallway, and Brayden's spicy IG live at the welcome ceremony. Jeremiah also shares the story he alluded to on Twitter of the mysterious man who submitted his resume for the opening.

The guys are joined by voice of the fullbacks, J.D. Runnels, who tells Sooner Nation why they should be fired up to have their new HC in town.