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The PoliticsGirl Podcast

Don’t Try to Out-Fascist the Fascists


It is a frustrating time. Most of us are losing our minds with the lack of accountability for Trump & Co. We’re mad at the Democrats for not moving faster and doing more. We’re mad at the DOJ for seemingly doing nothing. We’re mad that it feels like we’re the only ones calling for justice and we want results like, yesterday. But, as Teri Kanefield says, “It’s important we don’t fight autocracy with autocracy” because “if we fight like them, we will end up like them” and then our democracy will be well and truly gone. People need to channel their anxiety into productive action. At the end of the day, there is no magic bullet. The only way to save democracy is with more democracy. If we want to live in a democratic, rule of law society we must uphold the values of that society even when abandoning them would be so much more efficient. www.terikanefield.com Please rate and subscribe so we can grow the show, get more guests and inspire more change moving forward! Watch the show in video format on YouTube. Follow my Twitter. Follow my Instagram. Watch my Rants on TikTok. Like the Facebook Page. PoliticsGirl is a MeidasTouch original podcast produced by Happy Warrior Productions.