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First Protests, Now Poison: What Is Happening To Girls In Iran?

The Quicky
The Quicky

Since November last year between 800-1200 schoolgirls across Iran have been falling ill.

It's a terrifying crisis, and one who don't have answers for yet. There are theories as to why this is happening, from targeted attacks, to mass hysteria. But under it all, is a fear that this is retribution for daring to speak out against the regime.

In this episode of The Quicky, we look into this mysterious case of mass poisoning, and the fear it will end a generation of women's education.

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Host: Claire Murphy

With thanks to:

Gissou Nia - International Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer Specialized, Director of the Atlantic Council's Strategic Litigation Project.

Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Kally Borg

Audio Producer: Thom Lion

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