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The Quicky

How Can We End Sexual Harassment At Work?


It's a sad reality that no matter which industry you're in, if you are a woman who has ever had a job in Australia you've probably witnessed or experienced sexual harassment or assault in the workplace.

Last week, hundreds of experts and survivors came together to discuss how we can better protect all women at the National Summit on Women's Safety, but with the Government refusing to implement key reforms, will it really make a difference?

The Quicky hears several women's stories, and speaks to a workplace investigator and trainer who uses his experience as a lawyer and former member of the Police to change workplace culture and prevent inappropriate behaviour before it happens.


Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

Audio Producer: Jacob Round


Phil O'Brien - Workplace Investigator and Trainer at Australian Workplace Training and Investigation (AWPTI)

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Episode 630

by Mamamia Podcasts