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The Reality Of Reality TV with Fleur East

JB Gill (JLS) from The X Factor


“The X-Factor was the last resort for us.”

JB Gill is best known for being in JLS, one of the UK’s biggest boy bands of all time. The lads were famously catapulted into superstardom courtesy of their time on the X-Factor. In this episode, Fleur East discovers how the show, what JB describes a “crash course in the music industry”, was the last resort for the band, the cringe moment when JB bumped into Adele, how he handles paps and fans and why you’ll never catch JB being late.

JB, who’s also starred on Masterchef and The Jump, also tells it like it is about his life now on the farm with his family. Yep, JB is now a farmer!

This is the Reality of Reality TV.

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Next episode out 18th August!