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The Reality Of Reality TV with Fleur East

Kerry Katona from...everything!


“I was so eager to be loved.”

Kerry Katona needs no introduction and in her own words, ‘you hear before you see her!’. Through highs and lows, husbands and children, she’s been gracing our reality TV screens for almost twenty years! So, in this, your final episode* in this series of the Reality of Reality TV, Fleur East speaks openly and honestly to one of our absolute Queens of reality TV.

They talk giving birth on TV, Celeb Big Brother rejections, winning I’m A Celebrity, This Morning’s car crash interview, how she sees her ‘dark’ days as a way to inspire others and why Only Fans is giving her the control that she’s never had in her life before.

Kerry reveals to you why she really went on reality tv after leaving the hit girl group Atomic Kitten, and how it is, being on par with The Kardashians by starring in your own reality show.

Oh and loads more, this is the famous Kerry Katona we’re speaking to after all!

This is the Reality of Reality TV.

*This episode contains references to suicide, drug use, issues surrounding mental health and nudity.

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This is the last episode of this #sadface - we hope to see you again soon for more realties!