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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Amber Cornwall & Ascension for Empaths


Today's guest is Amber Cornwall who is helping people ascend through marconic energy, so they can embody their souls mission in human form.

Hear about Amber's empath story, her health was declining and it felt like a dark night of the soul, then jumping through a kundalini activation. Listen to Amber talk about how she started learning astrology at an early age. Hear the fascinating story of Amber and Avalon in the Arthurian timespace. Hear Amber talk about planetary ascension, and her views on spiritually conscious parenting, and letting your kid fulfill their soul contract. Organic Ascension is the ascension of your soul through the traditional 12 dimensions here on Earth, with the choice to leave Earth afterwards.

In this Episode

6:40 - Amber's Empath Story

15:20 - Astrology History

17:30 - Ascension History

28:20 - Arthurian Timespace

30:50 - Parenting

34:50 - Ascension Definition

Find Amber here: www.ascensionguru.com

Find Amber on Instagram: www.instagram.com/ascensionguru
Find Amber on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ambrewski

Find Avalon on Instagram: www.instagram.com/avalonstarlightcoaching

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